Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Doncaster to Grantham, Stage 6. Cold and rather wet is how the day ended. It was certainly cold throughout the ride, but the forecast rain held off until the very end. It was still wet! We set off in reasonable time to tackle this second day with a 60 mile journey. It was sad that there was no sun; it could have been a very pleasant ride. Certainly some of it - especially the final 8 miles  - was on major A roads to the accompaniment of whizzing traffic, but most of it was down quieter roads through attractive villages - Bawtry, Newark, Bottesford - with their defined village/town centres still enjoying the luxury of small independent stores and pubs with character. Doncaster, sadly, has suffered from the major roads driving through it. However, we could not fault our welcome at the hotel (chosen for cheapness and certainly succeeded on that score) and the restaurant. One thing one notices when travelling south is the sudden appearance of churches. North of York, village churches are modest, austere even, south of York, spires and towers are visible for miles, announcing the presence of a hamlet. This is particularly evident since the countryside is flat and gently undulating. Great for cycling especially with the wind behind one. Of course, the place there was a hill was the approach to Grantham. We reached the top - no problem- wet but determined to find we had a puncture. Nothing for it but to walk the 2 miles to the town centre....of course almost everything was closed but not Halfords. So bikes left safely stored, we took ourselves to the Premier Inn for hot showers and wine! Sleep well La Naranja and Mrs Armitage....

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