Thursday, 26 May 2016

Well we are here, Ferniehurst Mill Lodge just outside Jedburgh, the first stage of the Adventure completed. I feel a bit lightheaded- not sure how Agnes feels. It has been encouraging to make good time since the weather has been inclement - freezing and rather damp to say the least. However, we have risen to the occasion - or should I say pedalled to the occasion, despite freezing feet, quite a few hills! Lots of lorries and a broken gear cable. I have to report Happy Trails in Galashiels provided the solution to the gear problem with a smile and efficiency; so back on the road after not too long - but not before a sustaining and tasty lunch in Galashiels.
Now enjoying a very quiet evening surrounded by lush greenery outside. Tomorrow onwards and upwards (literally) as we face Carter Bar ....will there be a G + T at the top? I doubt it. Ah well. Tell you how we get on tomorrow

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