Sunday, 5 June 2016

Stage 10. Ealing - Lewes. 10 days - I can scarcely believe that we have been cycling for 10 days. It just doesn't seem that long. It is proving a wonderful experience . The which I am greatly enjoying - despite the aches and pains.
Today's journey has been long.  We arrived rather late in Ealing with just time to deliver La Naranja and Mrs A ro their bicycle hotel for a bit of tlc. However, we were told this would take time - we would not be able to collect them until 11.30am. Our hearts sank a little but in fact it was probably a good thing. We were able to do a quick shop and then have a lunch after retrieving les bicyclettes.
We were much encouraged because Francis led us across London, through glories of Richmond Park, down the leafy rides (very bumpy) of Wimbledon, through the maze of South London - Rayne's Park and on out to Banstead then Coulsdon where he said goodbye. Thank you so much - it was such a support. Then we headed south - and it was one of the most pleasant rides that we have experience. Almost all was off any main road, down tiny bye ways between high hedges, through  shaded lanes with the growl of the M23 in the distance but overlaid by the shouting of the birds. As always it was fascinating watching the landscape unfold. Gone are the wide open spaces of the north. Now everything is en more lush and green and crowds a Mind you it wasn't "easy" - plenty of hills some steep where the descent was more terrifying that the ascent. We took the decision it would be good to just push on, and we did...7 hours on the saddle! It was not the legs that were tired by the end. But we reached Lewes pretty much at the time we hoped to be welcomed by the orange door of no.89. We were then able to experience some of the attractive little lanes - twitchels or wynds-  as we walked to the Lewes Arms. Yes, pubs exist where you can actually talk to each other!
I am afraid this has been written on Day 11....

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  1. Well done! Dr Garmin can understand that local knowledge trumped his route through London but would like to know whether it was his idea to follow the lanes beyond Coulsdon.