Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Stage 7, Well fortified by the renowned Premier Inn Breakfast, we left Grantham in depressingly grey, damp weather. We first had to walk into the town to collect La Naranja and Mrs Armitage from Halfords where puncture repairs were taking place. Top marks to Halfords for the welcome, the "yes we can do that" and the phone call for the taxi the night before. Cycling back up the hill to the hotel to collect the bags was a dream; what a difference having no panniers makes! Then on through the countryside. Our hearts sunk briefly as the journey began on the A607 with cars and lorries thundering past. However, our clever route finders quickly directed us away from the major thoroughfare to cycle through blissfully quiet roads. Oh that there had been a little bit of sunshine. The terrain once again has changed. Yesterday we cycled across a level plain; today it was once more up and down, up and down - and sometimes quite steeply. Once again lovely little villages - ending up in Uppingham just north of Corby. Here tragedy struck - taking advantage of the local facilities, Agnes cycling glove disappeared with the flush! Consoled by excellent chips in The Crown, we set off once more on the final leg - and down came the rain. What a relief to reach Corby and the wonderful hospitality of Amy and Christina. Glasses of wine and a cocktail on, life is good. Hang on, tomorrow we are back in the saddle and on to Milton Keynes.

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