Sunday, 12 June 2016

Stage 18 !! Can you believe it? I can't.
Buxy - Chatillon-sur-Charlaronnes. After a delicious breakfast with our hostess of La Grenetarie chatting to us, we left in rain.. It was not immediately heavy but became increasingly wet as we progressed down the Voie Verte. It was also rather chilly (very) since there was a wind as well. The route was marvellous - smooth and straight following the railway line to Cluny. We arrived in good time and treated ourselves to a proper break, taking time to visit the Abbey. Though destroyed during the Revolution, it has been very imaginatively reconstructed using 3D imagery; what an impressive building it must have been. Not the delicate tracery of the great Gothic Cathedrals in England, but severe Norman( Burgundian) arches and a forest of pillars towering above the visitor.. There had been a music Festival which had just finished - reggae and dub! Must have been quite something.we left Cluny with a hint of sunshine and indeed, this continued. Now the Voie Verte became more interesting - and more strenuous as we climbed up hills a rolled down the other side.we also rode through the a Tunnel du Bois Clair... Dark, cold and dripping. It would have been very welcome on a hot day. I thought I was in the South of France? Perhaps we have got our geography wrong? Still it wasn't raining and there was some sun.  path was littered with bright orange kamikaze slugs - and then I saw a snake quickly sliding into the undergrowth. Our way left the Voie Verte and we had to negotiate the detailed instructions relayed by Julian to reach Chatillon. Success. We arrived soon after 8pm at the Hotel L'Attendu - another unexpected exterior with a lovely garden hidden at the back, and then made our way to a local restaurant for a delicious meal at L'Arboise. I could become quite addicted to Kir. It makes a great start to a meal. And what welcoming service.. Now we are almost on the last leg. A challenging day because off the map.  - so a good night's sleep? Yes - but the mosquito bites are playing up!!!

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  1. Dr Garmin is pleased that the directions were OK and thinks it's wise to have a map as back-up. All the best with today's navigation!

    Kir will give way to Pastis as you reach Provence.